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VITA Easyshade® V

Why Color Matters
easyshade teeth whitening toolIf you’re getting veneers, an implant restoration, dentures, Snap-On Smile, crowns, or any other number of tooth repairs and replacements, you might be thinking that they should be bright and white. The truth of the matter is that our teeth come in all different shades of white, and if your tooth restorations or cosmetic repairs don’t match your specific shade of white, things can look off. The idea behind dental work is that it should look like you never got any done! Seamless integration with your natural teeth is the best way to accomplish this. That’s why it’s important to match your restoration with the color of the rest of your teeth.

easyshade teeth whitening tool

Easyshade® V Technology

Among the various cutting-edge pieces of technology in our office, sits the VITA Easyshade® V.  This tool is what is called a “spectrophotometer”, which measures the spectrum of light that passes through a tooth—or, in layman’s terms, identifies a tooth’s color. This handheld device helps us match the color of our treatments to the color of your natural teeth. Using a sensor and innovative software, it identifies your tooth-shade, and aids in the creation of new restorations.

What Are The Advantages?

The biggest advantage of using the VITA Easyshade® V is that it helps determine the color of your tooth to help Dr. Homann match whatever tooth restorations he’s making. This technology can help fabricate crowns, prosthetic teeth, direct fillings, as well as veneers! It can also help Dr. Homann determine the optimal shade for your teeth while planning the process of teeth whitening.

Is it Safe?

Yes! No x-ray radiation is used in this product.  It is simply a light that passes through the tooth. The VITA Easyshade® V also uses an anti-infection cover that is changed before each use. This is a thin cover that goes over the device and does not affect the measurement of the tooth’s color.

easyshade teeth whitening toolWhat Does This Mean?

So why should you care that we use this technology? Because it often means a more accurate & faster treatment! We pride ourselves in providing high quality, esthetic restorations, and the advanced technology allows us to minimize the downtime in the fabrication process! The digital meter identifies your tooth’s color immediately, so the processing is fast and simple. If you have any questions about this technology or want to book an appointment, give us a call today!