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Ultrasonic Scaling Units

Ultrasonic scalers are used for teeth cleanings in our dental office. They are a tool that our hygienists and dentist use to get rid of the plaque on your teeth. Removing the hard deposits on teeth is known as “scaling” in dentistry, and we use special tools at our dental office to do our scaling. While traditional scaling methods have been around for a very long time, science has come a long way, and now we have ultrasonic scaling units that can make cleanings more enjoyable for our patients.

Patient Comfort

Our goal at the dental office of Brian Homann, DDS is to provide our patients with the most comfortable experience that we can. This is why we invest in technologies that help us to achieve this goal. Ultrasonic scaling units use vibrations and a misting of water to help clean teeth and to cleanse the gums of any unwanted debris and buildup. A minimal amount of pressure applied to the patient’s teeth often leads to a very comfortable experience.

Minimized Chair Time

One of the biggest advantages to using ultrasonic scaling units is that they quickly and effectively remove pesky plaque from your tooth’s surface! We understand that the dentist isn’t necessarily your favorite place to be. We make it our mission to minimize the amount of time you spend in our chairs, and maximize the effect of our treatments so that you can get on with your day, and have less problems in the future!

What You Should Expect

Scaling is a routine part of your dental cleaning. You’ve probably had it done to your teeth before whether you realize it or not. We customize our cleaning methods to each individual patient’s specific needs.  This may involve the ultrasonic scaler, traditional cleaning techniques, or a combination of both.  However your teeth are cleaned, we will strive to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Making an Appointment

When was your last dental appointment? If it was over six months ago, then you’re due for another checkup! Schedule your appointment with Dr. Brian Homann today, and see how ultrasonic scaling can help improve your experience at the dentist’s office!