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Anti-Snoring Devices Elk Grove Village, IL

Dr. Homann is a general dentist who provides oral appliances that assist with sleep related breathing disorders, such as sleep apnea and snoring. After your physician (MD) diagnoses your specific issue, Dr. Homann may be able to help.

Why do I snore at night?

Snoring is a problematic sleep condition where you breathe improperly, causing loud, coarse, or harsh sounds as you breathe. Generally, snoring is caused by tissue vibration during sleep.  Snoring can be disruptive to both you or your significant other. We provide snoring treatment in Elk Grove Village, Illinois to help you get the peaceful night’s sleep you deserve.

How is snoring treated?

Our main treatment method for snoring is the use of anti-snoring devices. Comfortable and made of plastic, anti-snoring devices fit snuggly over your teeth as you sleep. They are designed to gently push your lower jaw forward. Shifting the jaw forward helps maintain an open airway throughout the entire night.  We strive to provide comfortable, effective anti-snoring devices to meet your specific snoring needs. If you are embarrassed by loud snoring at night, we encourage you to call or visit our dental office today for more information about our treatments for snoring. Our caring dentist, Dr. Brian Homann, looks forward to working with you!