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What To Do When You Are Wearing Braces

Did you know that after braces are removed anywhere from 30% to 70% of people have unsightly white spots on their teeth that can often be permanent?  Our goal as a preventative office is to help you maximize your chances at an excellent final outcome!

Our office provides Invisalign “invisible braces” orthodontic care in Elk Grove Village, as well as surrounding areas such as Itasca, Mount Prospect, Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, and Wooddale.  We always strive to provide the best outcomes possible for our patients.  One of the most important things a patient can do during treatment with Invisalign or traditional braces is to make sure they have excellent home care.

Brushing two times per day for two minutes, as well as flossing, is the standard care for people without braces.  However, there are several options for people that will help them enhance their oral hygiene.

We base our advice on what will be best for the individual patient.  Below are some of the options we may recommend to you:

  • The use of an electric toothbrush
  • A high fluoride prescription toothpaste
  • A cleaning every 3 months instead of the traditional 6 months
  • Professionally applied fluoride varnish every 6 weeks
  • The use of MI paste, with our without delivery trays
  • A fluoride mouth rinse

These are not the only options available but are typically the most common.  If you are interested in “invisible” braces (Invisalign) or have a child that needs braces, we hope you to visit our Elk Grove Village office so we can help you reach your goals.