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Intraoral Camera

Our dental office uses state-of-the-art technology to help provide the highest level of care we can to our patients. One of the pieces of technology at Dr. Homann’s disposal is an intraoral camera. Around the same size as a pen, intraoral cameras are a way to connect a patient with the condition of their oral health in an unprecedented way. Using an intraoral camera, Dr. Homann can show you, in real time, what is going on in the inside of your mouth.

The way it works is that the dentist will hold the small pen-like camera in your mouth and take a live video which will be streamed to a screen that you and he can both see. You’ll be able to see exactly what your dentist is seeing in real time!

The Advantages

There are several advantages to intraoral cameras. The biggest and most obvious advantage is the ability for the dentist to show the patient exactly what they are seeing inside the patient’s mouth. You see instantly and accurately exactly what is going on. By projecting the image, you can get a larger, clearer view of the mouth, and the camera also contains bright LED light which helps show cavities or fractures that might otherwise be difficult to see. Using intraoral cameras, we can also take pictures of what is going on inside the mouth for reference.

SOPRO® Cameras

High-quality imagery is at the heart of our diagnostic abilities. Using a SOPRO® intraoral camera, we can get a 105º view of the inside of the mouth. The shape allows both seamless navigation for the dentist as well as comfort for the patient.

Immersive Dental Experience

Intraoral cameras give you the reins of your dental appointment. You are no longer a passive patient, but an active participant in your dental exam. Dr. Homann can walk you through exactly what he’s seeing and why he makes the recommendations he makes. He can point out on the screen exactly what is good and what can be improved.

If you have questions about intraoral cameras or how they help us give you the best care we are capable of, feel free to give our office a call! Schedule your appointment with Dr. Homann and see how an intraoral camera can transform your exam today!