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Electric Handpieces

At our office, we are always looking for new ways to make the your visit more comfortable. We know no one wants to have a tooth drilled on, but if necessary, we wanted to make the experience as relaxing as possible. One of the things we looked into was if there was anything we could do to reduce the amount of time the patients spent having their teeth worked on, as well as if we could reduce the noise the “drill” (handpiece) makes.

Electric handpieces help with both of those issues. Electric handpieces are dental instruments that are used for a variety of purposes in a dental office. They utilize several different attachments and a rotary motion to cut, polish, and prepare teeth. There are a variety of handpieces available to dentists ranging from high-speed to low-speed—each with a specific function. High-speed handpieces, for instance, are generally used for procedures like cutting tooth structures or finishing restorations. Their low-speed counterparts, on the other hand, are generally used for root canals, implants, and removal of dental decay.

What’s the Big Deal?

Let’s face it—nobody wants to spend a lot of time in a dentist’s chair. We know that! That’s why we strive to use the technologies and techniques that will make your treatments as quick and effective as possible without sacrificing quality.

Since the addition of electric handpieces, dentistry as a whole has become more streamlined, procedures are more accurate and take less time, and the experience for both dentist and patient has improved. That means that you get excellent treatment while spending less time in the chair!

Calming Your Nerves

Patients often tell us that the fear going to the dentist because of the “drilling”. We can see why it’s scary! A tool like that seems dangerous and the sound it makes vibrates in your head. This is why electric handpieces are so great. They have been manufactured to make considerably less noise—just a dull hum, so they are far less scary than a traditional air-driven handpiece. They are also more precise, making them much, much safer to use! Dentists can replace the attachment used on the end of the handpiece to meet the task they need to perform. Each attachment serves a different purpose and has a different level of precision.


We utilize KaVo electric handpieces in our office because of their excellent functionality. KaVo is often referred to in the dental community as the “King of Handpieces”.  Some of the benefits of KaVo brand handpieces are below:

  • Faster Cutting
  • Shorter Procedures
  • Less Noise
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Made From Durable, Premium Materials
  • Versatile Use
  • Improved Hygiene

If you have questions about how KaVo electric handpieces will be used in your dental treatment, or you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian Homann, feel free to contact us today! We are happy to answer any questions you have! You can reach the office of Dr. Brian Homann at 847.439.9440 or fill out the contact form here!