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Mouthguards are essential to soften blows that might otherwise cause broken teeth and face injuries, so it is important to have one that fits your teeth properly. At our office, we offer our patients the opportunity to fit CustMbite mouthguards right at our office.

CustMbite mouthguards are the latest in athletic mouthgaurd technology. In fact, the CustMbite mouthguard PRO has been awarded by the American Dental Association the first Seal of Acceptance! We trust that their precision-fit mouthguard technology offers crucial mouth protection.


The Custom Fitting Process

Our office is happy to assist in fitting a mouthguard perfectly to you or your child’s teeth. The first thing we do is heat mouthguard. After the mouthguard has reached its moldable stage, we let it cool for only 3-5 seconds then carefully place the mouthguard in the mouth. We make sure to line up the mouthguard with the very center of your teeth for optimal comfort.


When the mouthguard is in the mouth, it is important to close the lips quickly and suck hard on the mouthguard. Then, you will be directed to push the tongue up on the roof of your mouth until it has molded into the shape of your teeth. You leave the CustMbite PRO in your mouth for a total of 2 minutes, and our assistants will remove the guard to place it in a bowl of cold water.


Although it may be unintuitive, it is important to not bite down hard on the mouthguard. If so, you may end up creating a mouthguard that does not fit properly. If you have braces, then this will also change the fitting process. Our dental team will be happy to help with any questions you may have.


Protecting Your Teeth

The CustMbite mouthguard helps prevent teeth from impact trauma during sports. They benefit children and adults, amateur, professional, or hobby athletes. A participant of any sport involving other players, equipment, or the possibility of serious injury should consider a mouthguard. It provides excellent protection and shock absorption and will feel like a precision fit.


If you have questions about protecting your teeth from damage during athletic sports, feel free to give our office a call! At your next appointment with Dr. Homann, see if the CustMbite mouthguard is right for you!