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What can we learn from mounted models

This lecture examines why it is often necessary to mount models, but also goes into detail on when the extra effort is not worth the time.

  • Hand mounting doesn’t show what happens in all parts of occlusion
  • Mount in centric relation
  • Just because you mount in CR doesn’t mean that is where you will restore, but it will allow you to see all occlusal contacts
  • Only mount when occlusion is pathologic/ failing (wear, TMD), or significant amount of restorative dentistry, or if wax up is needed.
  • Mounting models shows what we can expect with different occlusal patterns
  • Can create a template for equilibration, tooth preparation, temporization
  • Helping to decide what is the best modality for treatment. Should orthodontics be involved? Does that patient need orthognathic surgery?
  • Replicate functional movements of the patient
  • Transfer esthetic information that can be useful for diagnosis and treatment