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Warning: Graphic Content Ahead- If you don’t like seeing blood, do not click this link

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

While the majority of a dentist’s day involves fixing broken or decayed teeth, every so often we see someone who is having a significantly bigger problem. In this case, our young patient took a pretty big fall, and her front tooth absorbed the majority of the impact. As you will see below, the tooth isn’t exactly where it should be.

Sometimes I think the patients do the best job of telling the story. The family was kind enough the post a Yelp review that includes some great pictures that start with their visit to the Emergency Room and show how the case turned out in the end. I think we got an excellent result, and hopefully she will be able to keep her tooth for a long time.

Follow the link to hear what the family had to say and to see her photos:

Read Stephanie S.‘s review of Brian Homann, DDS, PC on Yelp


For a more close up view of the process, we have included a couple photos as well.


Emergency Room Pictures Of Brian Homann, DDS Office
1) Mom’s photo from the emergency room

Emergency Room Office Pictures At Brian Homann, DDS
2) What we saw after the patient left the emergency room

Procedure In Emergency Room
3) The “glue” the emergency room used to try and stabilize the tooth

Emergency Room Procedure At Brian Homann, DDS
4) Immediately after getting the tooth put back into place

After Treatment
5) A few weeks later

Successful Result
6) Final result!