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Single Tooth Anterior Implants: The General Dentist and the Surgeon

Both the dentist and the surgeon play a role in the dental implant process. In the many cases, the surgical phase is handled completely by the surgeon. However, the general dentist should play a large role in the planning phase.

  • Gingival levels are often one of the most difficult items to manage.
  • The average case of orthodontics is “18-24 months” per Dr. S, where implants may be 4-8 months, but the surgeon is the one who will ultimately decides based on the specific scenario.
  • Cone Beam CT scans are excellent in helping to determine if adequate bone is present for a dental implant.
  • A case that involves orthodontic treatment (braces), a bone graft surgery, and an dental implant may take over 3 years to complete.
  • The surgeon is ultimately the person who will decide the length of treatment in regards to surgery. This cannot always be determined prior to treatment.
  • The type of dental implant restoration is dependent to a large percentage on the position of the implant itself.