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Provisionalization of Crowns and Bridges

There are many ways provisional restorations can be created for crowns or bridges or dental dental implants. The materials vary, but the technique is even more important. The eggshell technique can help create ideal soft tissue outcomes.

  • A prefabricated shell can be created and then relined.
  • Hard tissue stops are 100% necessary, so if there are none, this is a great way to do it.
  • This method works really well for full arch cases (that can include bridges) as well as posterior sextants on the mandible.
  • Bisacryl can be used to make a shell, and then hollow it out.
  • If this method is used, the shell created by the bisacryl needs to be trimmed in 2 different methods.
  • The shell can be about 0.5mm thick.
  • This provisional can also be done by a lab using milling.
  • When using bisacryl, one coat of bonding agent needs to be placed and cured, then a second layer needs to be placed, but not cured, then the temp needs to be relined.
  • Flowable composite at the margins are great for lab made temps.