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Our Community Involvement

Beyond being a dentist near Wood Dale, Dr. Brian Homann also takes pride in being an active member of the community. He is proud to help those who are less fortunate to obtain the smiles they deserve! This is why Dr. Homann volunteers at Goldie’s Place, a support center for the homeless. Not only is Goldie’s Place a place for the homeless to receive career training, but they can also receive clothes and oral health services as well.

About Goldie’s Place

The goal of Goldie’s Place is to help transform the lives of the people who need it most. There is an Employment Program that helps over 100 men and women secure jobs annually. Other opportunities that Goldie’s Place offers is employment case management, clothes and accessories, and overall support.

The Dental Program

Dr. Homann is one of 25 volunteer dentists at Goldie’s Place. Helping the homeless improve their dental care doesn’t only give them a better smile, but it increases their confidence and gives them another chance at a successful, better life. Plus, rotting and decaying teeth can be painful to endure, especially on a daily basis.

Beyond dental care, our dentist near Wood Dale also provides the homeless with the knowledge that it takes to upkeep their smile in the future. This will help them develop better oral care routines to maintain a confident, healthy smile.

To read more about Goldie’s Place, you can visit their website. You can also visit the community tab on our website for more information.