Taking care
of you
& your smile

New Year’s Resolutions Part 1

New Year’s Resolutions are great.  Most people choose to give up chocolate, get a gym membership, sleep more, etc.  Leading up to New Years, we have 4 examples of people who chose to completely change their lives around.  These individuals were/are all homeless, and have resolved to improve their lives in monumental ways.  Goldie’s Place and Dr. Homann were able to be part of the recovery process by giving each individual their smile back.

This was an incredibly inspiring story.  This patient lost his home to a fire.  He was released from his job due to the amount of work he missed while dealing with his housing issues.  Shortly after losing his job he became homeless.  He started working for himself doing direct sales.  He eventually obtained a part time position as a sales representative for a merchant services company.  The same week that he received his dentures, he was offered a full time position in his company.  He plans to rent his own apartment as soon as he starts full time.  A true story of success!