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Incisal plane and arch width

In this section, I have put together a short list of thoughts regarding issues with incisal plane and arch width discrepancies.

  • Use of inter-pupillary line helps to examine incisal plane and cant.
  • Many incisal plane problems will require orthodontic treatment.
  • When occlusal wear is part of the problem the treatment often becomes more complicated.
  • When there is tooth wear, it is not simply leveling the teeth, as you can cause a variety of problems, including oddly shaped teeth. In these cases, both orthodontic treatment and restorative treatment is often required for best results.
  • Constricted buccal spaces can sometimes be treated with a restorative and cosmetic approach, but often has to be treated with orthodontic care
  • Orthodontic care is the treatment of choice (maxillary arch expansion) if tooth position is the problem. Restorative care is often appropriate when teeth are inclined towards the midline.