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3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanners

Advanced technology can significantly improve the experience for not only our patients but for our team. Our dental office in Elk Grove Village utilizes a 3Shape Trios Intraoral scanners which is one of the world’s premier wireless scanners that feature some impressive capabilities. 


According to 18 independent studies, these scanners have statistically higher accuracy compared to impressions that are made with other intraoral scanners. The scanners produce extremely high-quality digital impressions in lifelike colors. It’s easy to apply shade measurements to save time and to create an active dialogue with patients. Plus, they are dynamic, as they allow our team to record the patient’s movements, highlighting both the static and dynamic contact points. Finally, these scanners integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology which makes the scanning process even easier, as it removes the excess soft tissue from the digital impression. 



Patient Benefits

Patients will directly benefit from this new piece of technology in our office! Here are some ways that the 3Shape Trios Intraoral scanner will positively impact our patients:

  • No need for impression material (putty) that has to sit in the mouth when taking moldings for crowns, bridges, night guards, implants, etc. 
  • Thanks to the scanner’s impressive speed, patients will spend less time in the chair with their mouth open. This reduces the possibility of gagging and helps patients feel more comfortable. 
  • Our carbon footprint is reduced because all patient information is stored and transmitted electronically. 

Our dental office in Elk Grove Village is excited to implement these scanners into our everyday routines. Experience the difference for yourself!